"Gently, encouragingly, and cheerfully, Victoria knocked that 'I can't sing' chip, that had been on my shoulder for many a year, right into the sea!"  - Pol

'Since becoming a pupil of Victoria's, she has helped me gain a better understanding of how to control and enjoy my own voice and to use it to the best of it's potential.  Her teaching methods are a lot easier to grasp then other vocal coaches I have had in the past. I really feel I get value for money when I have a lesson with her and would recommend her if you are serious about having professional singing lessons.  The best vocal coach I have had so far!' - Celina (X-factor applicant)

'Victoria is a good singing teacher because she is like a friend, so I feel really comfortable, which helps my singing.  She has a great understanding of music as she is a musician herself and performs regularly.  She has shown me how to breathe properly when singing and has helped me with many performances, all of which I have really enjoyed.  She is very encouraging and reassuring if I ever doubt myself. Thank you Victoria, you are amazing!' - Mali, aged 12

'Being an awesome singer herself and performing regularly, Victoria's understanding of the voice is absolute.  She has extensive knowledge about looking after the voice with many exercises and techniques.  I love her approach as it allows my daughter to grow, develop and experiment with her voice at her own pace.  She loves to improvise and Victoria really encourages this and is able to be flexible to meet the needs of her students.  She has tutored my daughter through many performances helping her with breathing, learning lyrics, singing with a microphone and giving her the confidence she needs to sing in front of an audience. Victoria is an inspiration, whose passion for singing is clear in her teaching.- Beki (Mali's mum)


'If you are looking for an empathetic teacher who will tailor lessons exactly to your goals, whatever they may be vocally, then I recommend Victoria Klewin.  The lessons are relaxed, professional and not the least bit intimidating, perfect for beginners or anyone anxious about making the leap to having lessons.  Her teaching methods are immediately clear and produce immediate results.' - Thea

'Victoria's an amazing teacher, made me feel at ease from the moment I met her.  She's very encouraging and helped me improve my confidence in singing a lot.  She makes the lessons fun with all the different warm-up exercises and I've really enjoyed being able to choose the songs I want to sing.  Thank you!' - Ilaria

I came to Victoria after months of frustration trying to record my own songs but failing miserably to get the singing right!  I needed a singer teacher and coach with some experience in recording and performing live... Singing can be quite a nerve wracking and frustrating experience. In particular, you need to let go of your inhibitions, which isn't easy to do. I found Victoria very good to put me at ease and I learnt very quickly how to relax before singing and how to enjoy the experience. She is a good active listener and never loses sight of my objectives. She understood my needs straight away and tailored the lessons accordingly. The sessions are relaxed and fun, and yet a lot is actually achieved. When faced with a particular difficulty, she always finds ways around, using a different approach or adapting whatever we do to my skills and register. I definitively feel that I have made significant progress over the last few months and I gained a lot of confidence in my abilities, which makes playing music, particularly playing live, much more enjoyable.' - Philippe

I offered to sing at my friends' wedding, but I didn't feel very comfortable with the song the bride and groom chose. I didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of all the guests to I called Victoria for help! I had a few lessons with Victoria, who taught me the basics of how to breathe properly, how to place my voice, and some techniques to help with difficult passages in the song. These lessons were incredibly useful, and gave me a lot of self-confidence. I didn't make a fool of myself when I sang at the wedding; in fact I enjoyed it very much, despite my first feelings for the song!  - Patricia

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