'Victoria is an inspiration, whose passion for singing is clear in her teaching.'

- Beki

'The best vocal coach I have had so far!'
- Celina
'Her teaching methods are immediately clear and produce immediate results.'

- Thea

One-to-one sessions

Hourly or more.

Group sessions, workshops and courses

Group sessions for bands, choirs and harmony singers.  Bespoke workshops and courses from foundation level to more advanced.

In-studio coaching 

In the recording studio, time is money. It is vital that you come out with the result you need.  So, why not make the most out of each and every take with your own personal vocal coach who is there to help you achieve the best results on the day?  Recording can be daunting and sometimes singers are easily thrown off by the studio environment, sometimes it helps to have someone impartial there to focus entirely on the vocals for you.  I can also help you to get any backing vocals and harmonies sounding perfect!


As a vocal coach I have to work creatively with people, helping them to reach their vocal and musical goals.  Every voice is different, as is every person and this is why I describe my tuition as 'holistic'.  I do not coach a voice without also trying to understand the person attached to it!  I respond to each person according to their wants, needs and experience - there are no formulas beyond anatomical fact and the fundamental techniques that follow.

Here are some examples of the variety of ways in which I work - 

  • Complete beginners wanting to improve their singing and learn the basics simply for their own pleasure or sometimes working towards performing.

  • Singer/songwriters who want help with singing technique and also tips on self-accompaniment and writing melodies and harmonies for their songs.

  • Teenagers and children involved in the performing arts and musical theatre, sometimes focusing on graded exams, audition pieces or preparation for a specific role.

  • Semi-professional and professional singers wanting to correct bad habits and fine-tune their technique.  We can work on mic technique, song interpretation, improvisation, handling nerves and tackling any vocal problems that may have developed.

  • Coaching singers through competitions and auditions including 'The Voice' and 'XFactor'.

  •  I have worked with CBBC presenter Katy Ashworth and more recently Bristol-based actor Malcolm Hamilton.
  • Some people want help with their speaking voice, usually focusing on projection and finding a confident sound.  

  • I am currently teaching someone who is preparing a suprise song to sing to her new husband on their wedding day!

  • Vocal tuition for bands wanting to improve individual technique and improve harmonies and backing vocals

  • In-studio coaching for bands and solo artists - Maximise your time and money in the recording studio by having a professional vocal coach with you to help get the best from every take.

  • If you are serious about pursuing a career in music I can advise you about song choices, getting gigs and how to set yourself up as a credible artist.

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